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A riddle, guess the word from the sum

What is \[ \left(a\sum_{n=2}^\infty w^n\right)! \]

If you can't figure it out, here are 2 hints.

Hint 1: What is \(\sum_{V\subseteq U} \dim(V)\)? Where \(U\) is a vector space of dishes for a yum cha.

Hint 2: On the internet, you will see the following variation. \[ \left(a\sum_{n=2}^\infty w^n\right)!!!! \]

Answer: "awesome!" and the answer for the hint is "dim sum"

Here is an extra riddle for fun. \[ S = \{"p","e","r","s","o","n"\} \] What is \(\frac{1}{6} \sum_{s\in S} s\)? A mean person...

Posted by Chao Xu on 2011-06-01.
Tags: math, puzzle, joke.