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Two problem related to sequence of sets


Given a sequence of sets \(S_1,\ldots,S_n\) containing a total of \(m\) integers, and a integer \(k\). Decide if there exists \(i\) and \(j\) such that \(i\neq j\) and \(|S_i\cap S_j|\geq k\).

We assume the elements in the sets are in \([m]\). Let \(S=\bigcup_{i=1}^n S_i\).

For \(k=0,1\), we can solve it in \(O(m)\) time: Decide if any element appears more than once in the sets.

For larger \(k\), we shall compute \(|S_i\cap S_j|\) for every pair \(i\) and \(j\). To do this, we start with an all zero \(n\times n\) matrix \(C\). At the end of the algorithm, \(C_{i,j} = |S_i\cap S_j|\) for all \(i,j\in [n]\). For each element \(x\), we find \(E_x = \set{i|x\in S_i}\). This takes \(O(m)\) time. We increment \(C_{i,j}\) for all \(i,j\in E_x\). We claim this algorithm have running time \(O(nm)\). Indeed, for each \(x\), we spend \(|E_x|\) time in incrementing \(C_{i,j}\) where \(i,j\in E_x\). Hence the running time is bounded by \(\sum_{x\in S} |E_x|^2\). We know \(\sum_{x\in S} |E_x|=m\) and \(|E_x|\leq n\). We see the worst case is when \(|E_x|=n\) and \(|S|=m/n\). In that case, we have running time \(O(\sum_{x\in S} n^2)=O(mn)\).

Since we just want to find a pair \(\set{i,j}\) where \(|S_i\cap S_j|\geq k\). We can stop the algorithm as soon as \(C_{i,j}\geq k\) for some \(i\) and \(j\). This means we can increment at most \((k-1)n^2\) times.

Together, the running time become \(O(\min(nm,k n^2+m))\).

For \(k=2\). One can improve the running time when \(n\) is large by reduce it to a problem similar to finding rectangles. Together, the final running time for \(k=2\) is \(O(\min(nm,m^{3/2},k n^2+m))\).


Given a sequence of sets \(S_1,\ldots,S_n\) with a total of \(m\) elements. Partition \([n]\), such that if \(i,j\) is in the same partition, then \(S_i = S_j\).

The idea is basically build a trie for the bit vector representation of the sets. We will be a bit more clever and skip all the \(0\) elements. We should get a \(O(m)\) time algorithm.

Posted by Chao Xu on 2015-02-08.
Tags: algorithm.